How to dress for your Online Meetings!

Its happened to all of us over the past few months. You get up and turn on your screen and then realise that the person you are going to be in a meeting with might be remote but they are looking right back at you dressed in your PJ Tops and hair sideways!!

Joining on these meetings with no video is just plain weird. People will spend most of their time trying to figure out if you are just totally computer illiterate or over the age or 80. Lets face it at this stage you will have used some form of face-time call in the past.

What to wear for Client Meetings

you should always dress professional for meetings with clients. You are displaying an image not just for yourself but for your company so its important. You can add a blazer to a tshirt and it will show you as a competent person.

What to wear for Meetings with colleagues.

This will depend on the type of company you work for. If its a place where you would usually have to wear a suit, you will still have to go with a professional look but if its more relaxed you can get away with wearing your t shirts.


The first video conference I did, I nearly fainted when I could see my own background. A box room with plenty of crap falling out of shelves. It shamed me into tidying up the area!! so make sure you have a plain wall behind you when you conference. Also ensure that there is adequate lighting. Try to look at the camera at all times.


Add some costume jewelry to a plain t shirt and you will instantly look like you made an effort. If Necklaces are not your thing, try adding a pair of earrings. It shows you made an effort.


Shirts are a wardrobe essential that will stand you the test of time. Pop over a t shirt or camisole and leave unbuttoned or wear buttoned for your classic style. Don’t forget to iron out any creases.


Scarves are great. on a cold day you can wrap it around your neck for warmth. you can also add it to a plain tee to add a splash of colour.

What you look like does matter. So think ahead for that next zoom meeting and make a point of checking in the mirror before hitting that enter key!

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