De-Clutter your wardrobe

Taking the time to de-clutter your Wardrobe


With Easter fast approaching its time to de-clutter. It a task that I hate doing but the satisfaction when I have finished is fantastic. Last weekend I took myself to task and opened the dreaded wardrobe.

De-Clutter Where to Start

Firstly clear out any items that don’t fit. Next what items have you not worn worn in the last 12 months. Is that because they were summer items or just that this trend has lapsed? Be ruthless. I know I had items that I was hoping that I would fit back into but lets face it if they are over 2 years old, chances are I wont.

Put them into a different room and pack them before you change your mind.

You wont all have to do this but I am hiding the “not worn pile” on the hubbie!!

Sense of Satisfaction

I like to bring my spring/summer clothes to the front and pop my winter woollies to the back. (They are still within reach should I need them.)


I can get back to my favourite passtime, Shopping!! Now I can make a quick trip to Jerros to buy some fab additions to my wardrobe!!


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